Energizing Snacks – How to make healthy snacks to fuel your Fertility

Fertility Snacks: This sweet and crisp apple is just for me and impossible to resist. In the bag, the bounty of the autumn, with a variety of fresh fall vegetables.

Do you get in a snack-rut? Do you get bored of eating the same things, or do you go too long between meals because either nothing sounds good or because you simply forget to eat?

How’s your energy? I are you getting worn down – physically and/or emotionally?

If you nodded ‘yeah’ to any of the above, the best thing you can do for yourself right now is keep your tank on full. Running on empty will only further deplete you. This means not going more than 3-4 hours without a nourishing snack or meal.

I talk a lot about eating enough and fueling frequently (fertility is NOT the time for intermittent fasting).

Here’s why: your body needs consistency. It needs to trust that there is steady fuel coming in, so it’s safe to reproduce 🤰🤰🏾🤰🏻⁠.

That’s where frequent fueling and nourishing snacks comes in. For your fertility, your goal is to nourish yourself every 3-4 waking hours.

The key to an energizing snack or meal is FFP: Fat, Fiber & Protein.

For example:

  • Grabbing an apple (fiber)? Add almond (almonds) + protein (turkey jerky)
  • Oatmeal (fiber) for breakfast? Add fat (flax & chia seeds) + protein (scoop of collagen or egg on the side).

Here are snack solutions to get you fueling your fertility:

Gluten Free avocado toast on rice cake with ricotta for protein

Zesty Avo Cake: Layer avo (fat) + organic ricotta cheese (protein) on a brown rice cake (fiber). Garnish with fresh basil, salt & lemon zest⁠.

Popcorn mix with jerky for protein, mango and coconut flakes

Fiesta Popcorn Mix: Toss together popcorn (fiber) with grass fed chili lime jerky (protein) +  unsweetened, dried mango (yum 😉 + coconut flakes (fat). Sprinkle with lime zest, salt & a dash of cayenne.

Matcha Energy Balls for Fertility

Matcha Energy Balls: blend up 1/2 cup cashews (fat) + 1/4 cup shredded coconut (fat)  + 2 scoops collagen powder (protein) + 2 tsp matcha powder (antioxidants) + 4 pitted dates (fiber) + tiny pinch of real salt. Roll into balls. ⁠

Ricotta Fig Toast Energizing Snack for Fertility

Ricotta-fig toast: Spread ⁠organic ricotta cheese (protein ) on whole grain toast (fiber). Top with slices of fresh figs or peaches (fiber & yum 🙂 and chopped up pistachio (fat). Make savory with fresh basil + a spritz of lemon ⁠. Make sweet with a drizzle of honey.⁠

Yogurt Parfait with Strawberries, Banana & Almonds_ Energizing Snack for Fertility

Yogurt parfait: Top plain Greek yogurt (protein) with fruit (fiber) + nuts and / or seeds (fat) .

Protein Bowl with almonds, apples, bell pepper and jerky_ Energizing Snack for Fertility

Protein Bowl with grass fed jerky (protein) + bell pepper (antioxidants) + nuts (fat) + fruit (fiber)⁠

Protein Bowl with almonds, hummus, bell pepper and Mary's Crackers_ Energizing Snack for Fertility

Finger Food: Dip Mary’s Gone Crackers (fat) in hummus (fiber) + nuts (protein) + veggie sticks (antioxidants). 

Apples Berries Almond Butter and sprinkle of cinnamon_ Energizing Snack for Fertility

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Rooting for you,

Anna 💛

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